Research Intern: Formulation and 3D-printing teams

Contract: Internship (Convention de Stage), 6 months, starting between July and September 2021
Location: Paris, France

At TISSIUM, we are creating the future of tissue reconstruction. Our team pushes the limits every day to design next-generation products based on our platform of biomorphic programmable polymers. We are disrupting the field of surgery, both open and minimally invasive, to positively impact the lives of patients.

We are actively looking to recruit a Research Intern to be part of the TISSIUM’s Innovation hub. This person will have an active role on activities related to design, evaluation and characterization of our drug delivery 3D-printed (3DP) devices.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Lead ‘proof of concept’ work on drug loading in 3DP scaffolds
  • Design the studies and characterize the formulations and 3DP devices to support the feasibility of new indications
  • Perform bibliographic reviews to support project decisions
  • Redaction of feasibility study reports
  • Present results in project team meetings

Job Environment/Interactions

  • Define the scope of the project and respective planning, in collaboration with New concepts 3D printing and New concepts formulation teams.
  • Work closely with the Innovation Hub team to understand TISSIUM product specificities

Qualifications & Skills

  • M2 or last year of engineering school
  • Previous experience on formulation, characterization and/or material processing (3D printing for example) is preferred
  • Good English proficiency (both written and oral)

Job Competencies & Personal Attributes

  • Good communication skills
  • Hands-on approach;
  • Strong proactivity and problem-solving capabilities: can work independently and passionate to make a difference for patients
  • Ability to multitask, attention to details and critical judgment
  • Methodic, rigorous and team player

The Intern will report to the Head of Formulation. The position is based in Paris, France. To apply to this position please email your CV to Ref: 202102-001